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We didn’t just become one of the world’s leading automotive component suppliers overnight. It takes hard work, innovative thinking and strong partnerships every step of the way. Here are just a few of the biggest moments on our JVIS journey to date.

March 2006

JVIS USA, LLC was founded.

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June 2006

JVIS wins first supply contract.

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September 2006

Launched warehouse in Flint, MI.

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March 2007

Launched tool shop in Sterling Heights, MI.

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June 2008

JVIS launches five new electroplated chrome projects.

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February 2009

Launched facility in Clinton Township, MI.

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March 2010

Purchased Atlantic Automotive Operations from Visteon Corporation.

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July 2010

JVIS launches first major electronic assembly.

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December 2010

Sales exceed $100 Million.

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March 2011

JVIS USA launches JVIS International and adds sites in both Russia and South Korea.

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December 2012

Sales exceed $200 Million.

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January 2013

JVIS launches “PVD” Process.

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March 2013

JVIS wins “Supplier of the Year” award from major U.S. OEM.

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June 2013

JVIS launched first Green Mold Application for a North American OEM.

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December 2014

Sales exceed $350 Million.

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January 2015

JVIS launches new warehouse and distribution site in Shelby Township, MI.

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