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Dozens of partners around the world have discovered the benefits of working with JVIS. For some, it’s the added efficiency with which our supply chain functions. For some it’s the local support they can’t get from other suppliers. And for others, it’s the ability to reduce costs while improving quality. Here are just a few of the key benefits of working with JVIS.

  • Proven Supply Chain. With engineering and production centers located around the world, we have the capability to not only serve as your art-to-parts resource, but also deliver those parts to anywhere in the world with first class supply chain management capabilities.
  • Open Capacity. Our open capacity capabilities allow us to maximize supply routes and offer products and services to partners all across the globe.
  • World Class Products. Having world class partners means having world class products. In a global market, it’s not just enough to be good. You have to be among the best in the world. JVIS is.
  • Approved at OEMs. We maintain the steadfast belief that reputations, at their core, are built on the quality of your product, not the reach of your marketing budget. To that end, JVIS maintains a laser-like focus on creating the best products possible. Not only does our reputation depend upon it, but does the reputation of every one of our partners. The measure of our success comes in the overwhelming approval at our original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
  • Industry Experience. The best products and the best service come from having experienced industry professionals at every level. JVIS is meticulous in our approach to building a company the combines intelligence and experience to meet today’s needs and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Low Costs. By being more efficient and having locations around the world, JVIS is able to offer partners lower costs, while delivering better products and support.
  • Local Support. We empower each of our facilities across six countries with a self-sufficient management process that allows for the delivery of global services with localized support.
  • LCC Warehouse in Place. In addition to intelligent sequencing and just-in-time delivery, JVIS also maintains our own LCC Warehouse capabilities, saving our partners expenses and helping them to provide the flexibility needed to quickly adjust to changes in market conditions or unforeseen supply chain interruptions.

To learn more about the benefits of working with JVIS, please contact JVIS today!

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