Exterior LED Modules


At JVIS, we know that more OEMs are using light engine modules to illuminate
vehicle functions. That’s why we developed our flexible circuit boards that not
only meet legal lighting functions, but also enhance lighting features and give
our customers unique new opportunities to further create brand identity.
Developed as a complete system to maximize cost efficiency and ensure the
most efficient power consumption, these flexible modules take into account all
electrical and optical requirements, as well as thermal management needs.

  • Can be incorporated into head lamps, tail lamps, or existing designs
  • Can combine multiple lighting functions
  • Provides optimized thermal and optical performance
    • Designed to plug in wherever you need illumination, these self-contained Exterior
      LED Modules include the circuitry, light output and heat sink that will manage
      the heat…all while shining a light on your brand identity.

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