Illuminated Door Handles


Whether they’re on the interior or exterior, door handles are a crucial element to
any vehicle design. Now with JVIS Illuminated Door Handles, you can utilize our
light-diffusing technology to create a door handle that provides easier access
and instant vehicle recognition.
Customized with various trim options, our translucent chrome handles display
a bright metallic finish by day…and illumination by night. Available for both
interior and exterior door handles, other advantages of this technology include:

  • Color and intensity can be controlled for different functions or features
  • Lighting can be incorporated with other functions within the door handle
  • Door handles can be customized for your brand with logos, specific
    colors, unique geometric shapes, textured appearances and more

Designed to provide optimized optical performance, JVIS Illuminated Door Handles
open all new possibilities to help you make a big, bright impact on any vehicle.

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  1. I agree that illuminated car door handles can be optically beneficial. This technology seems like a good idea to implicate into all door handles such as on the doors within your home or business. It could be very helpful during a power outage to have a glowing door handle so that you can still maneuver in the dark.

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