Light String


Add unique lighting effects to your vehicles with the JVIS Light String.
Combining a flexible optical string with our LED Lighting Module, these innovative
light strings allow you to illuminate any area of the vehicle.
Designed to be used anywhere you want to incorporate ambient light in a vehicle,
these versatile LED Light Strings can be used to accent any shape, any texture,
and any size area. Our light strings offer many advantages, including:

  • Flexible design enables light to be placed in any size, shape and location
  • Optimized optical performance ensures consistent, even light distribution
  • Can be customized to promote your brand and complement any interior
  • Developed as a complete system to maximize cost efficiency
    and ensure most efficient power consumption
    • JVIS can create LED Light Strings to accent many vehicle locations, including
      head liners, door panels, consoles, foot wells, instrument panels and more.

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