We’ve built your product, now you need it delivered. That’s where our JIT/Sequencing capabilities come in. With global supply routes and superior supply chain management, JVIS can sequence your products and deliver them just in time…whenever and wherever you need them. This includes parts that have been manufactured and/or assembled from different facilities, or even different countries.

By utilizing our global JIT/Sequencing capabilities, you can:

  • Save on warehousing and carrying costs
  • Reduce steps in the production process
  • Reduce costs passed along to the consumer
  • React quicker to changes in market/consumer demand

This will all help you to maximize production times, which means you can stay on schedule, on budget…and ahead of your competition.

  • JIT/Sequencing
  • JIT/Sequencing Parts
  • Loading Dock
  • JIT/Sequencing Rack
  • JIT/Sequencing
  • Hi-Lo Driver
  • JIT/Sequencing of completed Consoles
  • JIT/Sequencing Rack
  • JIT/Sequencing
  • JIT/Sequencing
  • JIT/Sequencing of Parts
  • JIT/Sequencing of Parts
  • Sequencing of Parts
  • JVIS HQ Warehouse
  • JVIS HQ Warehouse
  • Ram Console Assembly
JIT/Sequencing October 23, 2014








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