JVIS Launched Two Videos on jvisusallc.com

Check out our overview video and learn more about who we are and what we do.

The Overview Video Can also be found on our Home Page
And dig a little deeper and get to know us a little more by watching our About Us Video featuring interviews with our management.

The About Us Video can also be found on our About Us Page

Thank You for watching!
Video Production Credits:
A CollectiveDetroit.com video production
Jason Murar // President of JVIS // Executive Producer
Written, Directed & Edited by Jason Schultz
Matthew Dudley // Director of Photography
Danielle McFadden // JVIS Marketing Communications Manager // Producer, Creative Director, Content Director
Remon Jiddou // JVIS Creative Director // Co-Producer
Jason Schultz // Collective Detroit // Co-Producer
Ryan Griffin // JVIS Graphic Globe Logo & Closing Sequence Graphic Director, Editor (Interior Console to Jeep Exterior Drive Away)

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